The Shells that Fed Them

am i Disappointed or inspired ?

The low tide
Could be playing with my mind
The blonde walkers
Cause they dont look to the right?

What id expected to be
Life changing
Looks like just another wetlands

But serves a purpose
Because it saves
At least one bird
One species
One genus
One fair
Feathered Friend
Taken into consideration
And If its all for one
And us for that one

Then how could I not be on board


No questions asked
No answers sought
No “so why?”
No ” so how ?”

Is it those
Torrential rains
That never come
Is it the trickle from the mountain
Not so full of snow ,

It’s the broken shells
The meal
Left to linger

To let me know
They got something right
There’s no
Needing to wonder

No need
To raise those arms
And make a fuss
For mom and for pops
Cause they’d given a fuck

It’s those winged ones
It’s those gilled ones
It’s those tennis shoed ones

Who they’d believed in
Who they’d
Lived for
Maybe even died for
Who keep my belief


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