Shorties (my most recent short ones)

I’m ..
Your ultimately
Dull companion

Wind me up
Watch me go


Mac daddy
He’s white
But he likes to sing karaoke

Striped Pants

Striped pants
Sway my momentum

When they move
Back and forth
Back and forth

Then they sway my everything
And my nausea wins



I’m a mere fly on the wall
Of my own shit factory

The smell
My skin
My bones
The porous
Built to



I have one standing straight up
The other ones jumping ship
Some of the rest
Left on request
Some of the others
Are uninvited guests
And soon
They’ll be leaving
Like the rest

May I Call You Stephanie

Miss gaga

I just finished watching “burqa” the remix on YouTube.

My fiancé is a huge fan. I’ve reluctantly watched and sang along.
Of course, me being too cool and “indie” to acknowledge that I truly appreciated your work. All the while ive appreciated the true artist you are.
The word “artist” is obviously thrown around lightly, about anyone…who does anything.

To me, an artist is someone who draws  a line, crosses it, and dares others to cross that same line, and if they aren’t ready to cross that line, at least be willing to acknowledge that line exists and at the very least, be able to appreciate its beauty.

When I saw the word “artpop”, I melted. I grew up appreciating Warhol, Haring, Basquiat, Lichtenstein, etc…
I was able to share that same beauty with a handful of people, who now also appreciate it as well.
I was excited, imagining how many people would now begin to appreciate art, music, poetry, and now even moving’s like the Burqa video.

You’ve moved my fiancé and I
Your words
Your voice
And have inspired me to write a damn fan letter.
Which I don’t think I’ve done, since Natalie Merchant circa 1990. (Must be something about you New York women).

Thank you though.
For making him dance
And making him smile
And for stopping me in my tracks
And mesmerizing me with your voice and your words.

Keep doing what you are doing
Keep inspiring the youth
Keep inspiring the LGBT community.
But most of all keep being that ARTIST

Who are these tears for?

Who are these tears for?

For the angry one?
That’s all of us

For the broken one?
For 4%
For words
For steps
For an ear

For the one who makes me feel?
For peace
For quiet
For calm
For clarity?
For novelty?
For love

Or for myself?
But why
What’s wrong
Are you sad
Are you mad
Are you happy
But just don’t know how to show it
Are you confused
Are you cranky
Are you amazing for a change
But just don’t know how to show it

Of course
All I want to know
Is how to show it

Shorties – one or two lines

Two Worlds Collide

Not with a push
Nor a nudge

Soulless battles
Not to conquer

But just to be…


The Human Titanic

The human titanic
And the ice won


My puppy is the last in the parade

He lifts his paw