a little poetic sentiment for my valentine.  Written 2/14/14 by me. (s.rodriguez)

It’s Valentine’s Day. ¬†
and what would Valentine’s Day be
Without me yelling Happy Valentine’s Day!!

over and over and over
in different dialects
in different tones
in made up languages
that only he knows

he’s the one…
who keeps me laughing
who keeps me inspired
and who challenges me
daily with his own creativity

he’s the Full to my Tipsy
he’s the Tipsy to my Full
my abba zabba
my chicken nugget
my fancy vodka
and that splash of fruity goodness
that makes it even more perfect

he’s that one in a million sunrise
the one…that stops you in your tracks
the one…that makes you catch your breath
the one…that makes you dig deeper in your soul for just the right words to bring it to life.

thats the part i have trouble with.

the right words
to explain how ….
he is

the right voice
so it’s loud enough to be heard

the right heart
so everyone GETS IT!

and those ears, hearts, and minds
who should be ready to listen

we have rings on our fingers
and a wedding date
that needs to be set permanently
and it will be

he’s my super sweet Valentine
and he’s my pickle

Thank you for making not only Valentine’s,
but each day sweet

love you PICKLE

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!



For your amusement
For my
Anecdotal time

For a
U care

When I think of everything
When I think of the reasons
When I think of the anecdotes
When I think of amusement
When I think of how u care

But I write
For the words
Or the time
Or the verse
Or the sayings
Or the anecdotes
Or the reasons
Or the seasons
Or the mind blowing empty hearted jumping up and down yelling waving my arms to see me saying hey from over there
or flapping my wings to see them dart in another direction or fall apart to a million feathered boas while I’m prancing in circles with my one good leg that likes to get wacky when the tides come in and when it’s dark I get to use the other one that works
But clean
With a hair or two out of place
With a mole or two in that place
With a smile
With a grin
With a purple kind of slim
Waisted trench coat
Not with buttons
But with buckles
Not that clasp
But that click
In place
But they don’t stay
Supposed to

I still use em anyway


when your eyes close
just that moment

when the keyboard keys
take on other faces

when the words
take on other meaning

and your life
finally stops spinning



taking it all in
you stop
look around

just to make sure the scents match
what you see
what you taste
what you feel

is it real
is it live
or is it just memorex

your questions subside
your words get longer
more defined

you smile
cause it feels alright
cause you could let go
for a second
a minute
a lifetime

РS. Rodriguez  8-14-13

And Such is Inspiration

One to remind you
Not of the good times
Or the happier days

One to wake you
Spit in your coffee
And to let the delusions flow

Aimed at my heart
And my mind

And the smirk
you expect an hour later
Never comes

My constant faults
Made questionable
By the random

My smile
It lingers
A sweet little emotion
I’d found through him

My cracked lips
My not so shaky anymore hand
My pleasant self
Reminded why
Reminded how
Reminded WHO

All the bells
Have rung
All the cake batter
Licked clean
All the things I make up
Oh wait
That’s not me

Shorties – short poems from my notebooks ’99

S Rodriguez 11-1998

You’re my deadbeat daddy !!!
And I want my Mommy.


untitled 2
S Rodriguez 11-1998

I’m going to count to ten on 2 fingers today.
My hands shaking too hard and mind too numb to try to count beyond.


1,000 ways my senses know to stop
992 ways my mind is for some reason not registering

I have 1,000 excuses
all of them of course make sense to me
but ultimately they are still excuses.

Maybe something to prove
to myself
something to motivate
because I’ve somehow stalled

It helps me run
and not think,
the employment
the income
my three letters
and the angry villagers
waving their torches….just enough for me to see

S Rodriguez. 7-22-2013

He Would Just Dance

The boy with the IV
He held on to it tight
The boy with the IV
He knew he’d be alright.

For this was a test
Of his will
Of his strength

A test of his passion
A test of his faith.

Catheter in
as he walked through the park
People would stop
And point
And they’d talk

But he just stood proud
As they all gathered round

He waited
And waited
for everyone to come
So he could show them
How sick he just was

They all stopped talking
And their mouths just dropped
When the music began
And off the bench he popped

Twirls and kicks
Like they’d never seen before
Tens grew to hundreds
They cheered with a roar

His smile so big
You’d feel it inside
His dancing so perfect
Mom beaming with pride.

– sr
Unfinished 6-13-2013

The fairy tale

Is the fairy tale
With the girl getting the guy
The shoe fitting
Becoming a princess
Where it’s happily ever after
What we really want


Or is our legacy our fairy tale
The memories we make
The love we shared
The chances we took
Whether steps forward or back


Our own fairy tale is what our children will share with their kids and their friends
SR – 4-24-2013