a little poetic sentiment for my valentine.  Written 2/14/14 by me. (s.rodriguez)

It’s Valentine’s Day.  
and what would Valentine’s Day be
Without me yelling Happy Valentine’s Day!!

over and over and over
in different dialects
in different tones
in made up languages
that only he knows

he’s the one…
who keeps me laughing
who keeps me inspired
and who challenges me
daily with his own creativity

he’s the Full to my Tipsy
he’s the Tipsy to my Full
my abba zabba
my chicken nugget
my fancy vodka
and that splash of fruity goodness
that makes it even more perfect

he’s that one in a million sunrise
the one…that stops you in your tracks
the one…that makes you catch your breath
the one…that makes you dig deeper in your soul for just the right words to bring it to life.

thats the part i have trouble with.

the right words
to explain how ….
he is

the right voice
so it’s loud enough to be heard

the right heart
so everyone GETS IT!

and those ears, hearts, and minds
who should be ready to listen

we have rings on our fingers
and a wedding date
that needs to be set permanently
and it will be

he’s my super sweet Valentine
and he’s my pickle

Thank you for making not only Valentine’s,
but each day sweet

love you PICKLE

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


A while

I haven’t emailed you in a while to tell you how in love with you I am.
So here it is.

You make my heart melt
You make me smile
in the best way
You make me crazy
in the most insane way

Last night was nice. Sorry you had the issues with your dad.
But sitting with you at Denny’s was perfect.
I needed it and we needed it

There’s a sadness in me right now,and I’m trying to figure out what it is.
I’m trying to smile constantly,but when I hug you I wanna cry
I’m sitting here typing this and I have tears beginning to flow.
but I’ve stopped them

but your texts in the morning
Your smile when I see you
Your kisses on my ear
Your thoughtfulness
and your impending move to my place
keep me smiling

I love you
I want you to see it
I want you to feel it
I want you to never think otherwise
I want to show you all this emotion in person…because you think I lack it
and maybe I do.
but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel it
its just hard to express it sometimes

im smiling now
im happy
things are going to get better for you
I love that despite everything going on, you have a huge smile on your face
and I love you for that