a little poetic sentiment for my valentine.  Written 2/14/14 by me. (s.rodriguez)

It’s Valentine’s Day.  
and what would Valentine’s Day be
Without me yelling Happy Valentine’s Day!!

over and over and over
in different dialects
in different tones
in made up languages
that only he knows

he’s the one…
who keeps me laughing
who keeps me inspired
and who challenges me
daily with his own creativity

he’s the Full to my Tipsy
he’s the Tipsy to my Full
my abba zabba
my chicken nugget
my fancy vodka
and that splash of fruity goodness
that makes it even more perfect

he’s that one in a million sunrise
the one…that stops you in your tracks
the one…that makes you catch your breath
the one…that makes you dig deeper in your soul for just the right words to bring it to life.

thats the part i have trouble with.

the right words
to explain how ….
he is

the right voice
so it’s loud enough to be heard

the right heart
so everyone GETS IT!

and those ears, hearts, and minds
who should be ready to listen

we have rings on our fingers
and a wedding date
that needs to be set permanently
and it will be

he’s my super sweet Valentine
and he’s my pickle

Thank you for making not only Valentine’s,
but each day sweet

love you PICKLE

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


Shorties (my most recent short ones)

I’m ..
Your ultimately
Dull companion

Wind me up
Watch me go


Mac daddy
He’s white
But he likes to sing karaoke

Striped Pants

Striped pants
Sway my momentum

When they move
Back and forth
Back and forth

Then they sway my everything
And my nausea wins



I’m a mere fly on the wall
Of my own shit factory

The smell
My skin
My bones
The porous
Built to


For your amusement
For my
Anecdotal time

For a
U care

When I think of everything
When I think of the reasons
When I think of the anecdotes
When I think of amusement
When I think of how u care

But I write
For the words
Or the time
Or the verse
Or the sayings
Or the anecdotes
Or the reasons
Or the seasons
Or the mind blowing empty hearted jumping up and down yelling waving my arms to see me saying hey from over there
or flapping my wings to see them dart in another direction or fall apart to a million feathered boas while I’m prancing in circles with my one good leg that likes to get wacky when the tides come in and when it’s dark I get to use the other one that works
But clean
With a hair or two out of place
With a mole or two in that place
With a smile
With a grin
With a purple kind of slim
Waisted trench coat
Not with buttons
But with buckles
Not that clasp
But that click
In place
But they don’t stay
Supposed to

I still use em anyway


when your eyes close
just that moment

when the keyboard keys
take on other faces

when the words
take on other meaning

and your life
finally stops spinning



taking it all in
you stop
look around

just to make sure the scents match
what you see
what you taste
what you feel

is it real
is it live
or is it just memorex

your questions subside
your words get longer
more defined

you smile
cause it feels alright
cause you could let go
for a second
a minute
a lifetime

– S. Rodriguez  8-14-13

More Shorties


From an old notebook 

They are short, sweet and now legible.


Untitled – S Rodriguez – October 16 1992

The people I envy are here

   Not afraid of crashing

        Not afraid of what lies ahead

             Not afraid of falling

                 Not afraid to wake up dead


Big Green Day – S Rodriguez – (circa 12/92)

My green stripes

Her green shorts

His green shirt

and your green overcoat

Green truck with its big green plates 

little green men from outer space 

searching searching 

for some dates

The fairy tale

Is the fairy tale
With the girl getting the guy
The shoe fitting
Becoming a princess
Where it’s happily ever after
What we really want


Or is our legacy our fairy tale
The memories we make
The love we shared
The chances we took
Whether steps forward or back


Our own fairy tale is what our children will share with their kids and their friends
SR – 4-24-2013

You might be on to something

I opened up an old notebook, just to post something different and older to my other blog.
The first one  read …

who do you want me to be today
do you want to belong here with me
let me make up my mind
sit alone all this time

For some reason, it sounded like me, but sounded like something I’d heard before.  Which may be from me actually writing it! 
But to make sure….I had to google it.  and I didn’t find it.  (which means I wrote it….right?!)

Its odd.  I know I write ok.  But there’s still that little part of me, that you boost up sooooo much.
That one little part of me that thinks that

maybe it’s just you that gets it. 
maybe it’s just you, who appreciates it.

and I’m ok with that.
I love that you love it
and that my words move you!

and thank you for the confidence to keep going.
To keep wanting to write something that’s even better than the one I wrote before.

You’re an inspiration.
to more than just me. 
I’m glad you’re in my corner
rooting for me
and pushing me for more

I love you.

alllll these sappy motherfucking things I wrote.

and allllll these sappy mother fucking things I wrote
telling you how I loved this
and liked when your this did that
and how the fucking sun was brighter or some shit
and how the moon shined or shone different.
or the same
or some shit

and alll these sappy mother fucking things I wrote

about how you were this
or how you  were that
about how sweet…
i forgot to add shitty too

and all these sappy mother fucking things I wrote
about how proud I was.
because you made an effort …
there was no effort
or how proud i was
because you planned this
but really…you were off doing that

and all these sappy mother fucking things I wrote
because i meant them
but i want it all back
because it was a long one way street i was on
and you hitched a ride
and made me take every fork that was yours
while my fork would have been faster, cheaper, less painful, and happier

and all these sappy mother fucking things I wrote
worried for you
crying for you
imagining the pain you were going through
allll this
alllll of this fucking EVERYTHING from me
the blood from my heart
the hairs in my nose
the wrinkles on my toes
my stupid fucking mind
my stupid fucking mind
my stupid fucking heart
my stupid fucking heart

and now
my stupid fucking blood
my stupid fucking blood
my worth
at your hands
my soul for you to dissolve in water

and my blood
for you to wreck

and as strange as it might be
my anger is not about that

my anger is for the mockery you made of my life
the 10000000 little things you’ve done to fuck things up

and my anger is in that lie
where you still tell me you love me
where you still reach out
where you still have to lie
to keep up the other lies

and mostly my anger is in myself
because i fell for it